tqt/pg-extensions — pg with named parameters in queries & simple CRUD operations

To work with Postgres in Nodejs, we can use an ORM tool (like sequelize) or interact directly with databases using queries and node-postgres. I prefer the second way since it maximize the performance and I can optimize my…

I’ve been working with SQL Server for years before moving to MongoDB. I loved Mongo for its simplicity but still wanted SQL so badly. People like SQL so much and even uses them in cloud services such as AWS Athena and Google Big Query. Then I decided to change to…

Make animations with React Native.

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To create a great user experience, animations take a very important part. In this part, we'll learn how to make animations with React Native using 3 different ways.

Continue with your code from the previous part. Otherwise, clone the repository.

git clone -b internationalization https://github.com/thinhtran3588/react-native-starter-kit.git

Make your app supports multiple languages.

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Supporting multiple languages is a common feature of applications. Normally when you target a wide range of users, you want to support the languages they desire. …

Manage your data. Make Dark mode and theme your app.

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Most of the time, the data should rest inside components as their states. The typical case is that the root component is a ‘screen' (for example, the weather screen or the setting screen). In this case, you should place the…

Fetch data from server with React Native.

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Except for some applications such as offline games, utility tools which don't need data from servers, most of the mobile applications interact and transfer data between them and backend servers. …

Use React Native core components & 3rd party components to make your customized ones.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

To build an application, most of the time we use existing components and build our own ones on top of them. Making everything from scratch is very time-consuming and unproductive. Luckily, we're living in the open-source…

Routing and navigation with react-navigation.

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For a production app, it's very rare that it consists of only one screen but is made of multiple screens. To navigate between screens, we use stack-based navigation, tab-based navigation, drawer-based navigation or a combination of them. React Native doesn't support it natively. Instead, we…

Structure your codebase in the right way to be scalable and maintainable in the future.

It’s time to get serious!

Let's make an app called T Assistant. You’ll see it in the stores later after I finish this series. It consists of many small tools such as weather forecasts, notes…

Use Eslint, Prettier, typescript default compiler, Sonarqube & babel-plugin-module-resolver to improve your code quality.

Eslint and Prettier

Let's continue from the previous part. Or you can clone the sample code, open the root folder in VSCode then run to restore packages.

git clone -b debug_vscode https://github.com/thinhtran3588/react-native-starter-kit.git
cd react-native-starter-kit

Let's start with…

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